DIY Tea Box

I am a big tea drinker at all times of the day.  I used to keep boxes of teas in the cabinet in the kitchen, until I moved to NYC and there was no longer room for that.  Then my old roommate put all of our tea packets thrown into a basket, which didn’t work because I could never easily find the tea that I wanted.  Then my lovely husband came in and saved the day!

First let me show you what you can buy for lots of money:

This beauty is $32.85

This one is $34.99

And this one is the cheapest at $18.09

All of those are nice but they are pricey and they are small for avid tea drinkers like me and lack the flexibility of having more of one kind of tea and less of another.

Enter: project Tea Box

First we bought a $5 box from Century 21.  This was just a regular storage box (also really cute):

Then Ari took the cardboard from the tea boxes and made dividers.

I put my teas in organized by color (because I’m cool like that).

Of course, Ari put his personal touch by writing “Hayley’s Teas” with a highlighter (because we were both in law school at the time obviously working really hard on reading our casebooks instead of making tea boxes).

(This is a really artsy photograph because you can see my shadow)

Amazing, now I can easily grab whichever type of tea I want at anytime, and it looks pretty too 🙂 and I didn’t spend tons of money.  Win/win/win!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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