DIY Decorative Storage Boxes

I got this idea from pintrest and some of the blogs I read. I wanted pretty storage and so I bought my own fabric and repurposed bulk pasta boxes to make customized pretty storage.

Here are what the finished products look like:


Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Take a sturdy box. A lot of bloggers have used diaper boxes but I don’t have any little ones crawling around so I used bulk pasta boxes.


Step 2: Cut the tops off


Step 3: Prime – I like to prime the box so that when you paint it or cover it with fabric the box doesn’t show through. I used spray primer and did a couple of coats.



Step 4: Decorate!! I covered two boxes with fabric and painted one. I’ll show you the painted one first because it’s a wayy less involved process.

Step 5a: PAINT (pretty straight forward)


and here is the finished product:


Step 5b: cover with fabric – this is an awesome way to make a decorative box. I bought my fabric from which is not only cheap but has tonnns of great options! I love that I was able to customize my decorative boxes for less than $5 each!!

First I ironed all the wrinkles out of the fabric


Then I did some serious measuring. This part takes a lot of patience! The more time you spend on this step the better your box will come out. Instead of using rulers and measuring everything I just made lines with a pencil along the sides of the box. You will also want to leave about half an inch of space on each side to iron under so that when you stick the fabric to the box it won’t have fraying pieces of fabric sticking out of the sides. This is what the back side of my fabric looked like after I spent time marking it out with pencil:




After checking a number of times that I had the lines right, I cut out the design with fabric scissors.


Then I ironed each of the one inch sides down to avoid a frayed look on the sides of the boxes. I thought I would need hem tape but actually just ironing it down was enough.



Once all of the edges were ironed down, I applied the fabric to the box one side at a time using spray adhesive.


And here is the finished product!!

I made one with yellow fabric too and put them on my stained chopping block. I love how they add pops of color to an otherwise very ikea black-brown area.




I filled the blue one with our benchers (Jewish books with blessings) and the yellow with our K Cups for our Keurig Machine. I don’t mind that all the K Cups are all mixed up because we only have coffee occasionally (especially now that I’m not in law school anymore!!)



The painted box sits next to our desk and it is filled with our office supplies since our desk doesn’t have drawers.



All that storage space for less than $10!!! Amazing!


Custom Framing – Buy Local

I am so excited to say that we have our ketubah (marriage contract) framed and on the wall!! Ari’s grandmother custom made it for us as a wedding present (how cool is that?)


We chose to go with a gold frame, which matched our decor and brought out some of the metallic in the ketubah.


Ari and I took our Ketubah out for a windy walk the day before Hurricane Irene. We had a 40% off framing coupon from Michaels and were very excited to have them frame it for us – until we found out that these coupons are a scam. If you go to Michaels there is a chart on the wall with pricing for the frames, so we calculated it as 40% off that price list – wrong. It was 40% off some other non displayed price list, which brought our price to more than if we didn’t use the coupon.

So after we were a little peeved and had fallen in love with a frame that we couldn’t afford, we walk our ketubah down broadway on the upper west side and stumbled into a frame shop where everything was about $80-$100 less than Michaels.

As you saw above they did a fabulous job and we got to support a local business – win, win. Moral of the story, go local for your framing and don’t fall for Michael’s coupon schemes!