Custom Framing – Buy Local

I am so excited to say that we have our ketubah (marriage contract) framed and on the wall!! Ari’s grandmother custom made it for us as a wedding present (how cool is that?)


We chose to go with a gold frame, which matched our decor and brought out some of the metallic in the ketubah.


Ari and I took our Ketubah out for a windy walk the day before Hurricane Irene. We had a 40% off framing coupon from Michaels and were very excited to have them frame it for us – until we found out that these coupons are a scam. If you go to Michaels there is a chart on the wall with pricing for the frames, so we calculated it as 40% off that price list – wrong. It was 40% off some other non displayed price list, which brought our price to more than if we didn’t use the coupon.

So after we were a little peeved and had fallen in love with a frame that we couldn’t afford, we walk our ketubah down broadway on the upper west side and stumbled into a frame shop where everything was about $80-$100 less than Michaels.

As you saw above they did a fabulous job and we got to support a local business – win, win. Moral of the story, go local for your framing and don’t fall for Michael’s coupon schemes!